Business Policy
Innovation and Research

We own a solid design and development team and have multi- sales channels to collect sufficient product information. With capabilities in innovation of design and development of composite materials, we provide many new products for our customer purchase choices each year.
Customer Orientation

Based on long-term cooperation relationship with public companies and over-the-counters, we develop new office furniture with more market differentiation to satisfy customer needs. Further, we are forwarding to align with the world market.
Quality Assurance

We are very confident and capable to provide customers 100% quality assurance, because
─ we are experienced in office furniture industry for more than 30 years,
─ we own vantages in automation production capability and complete supply chains, and
─ we have successive and consistent manufacturing processes.

Certified with ISO 9002 Quality
Management System
To insure production quality, to meet worldwide customer standards, and to increase customer satisfaction, corporate quality management system is ISO 9002 certified. And, we are the appointed enterprise of green environment protection policy.
Adopt ISO 14001 Environment Management System Standard to Align with Worldwide
To insure product shipping quality assurance in all aspects, we persistently use stricter inspection standards. Following international laboratory standards, we use high quality metrology instruments to consolidate whole processes control.